BrassMaster Water Softener

BrassMaster Water Softeners

BrassMaster water softeners are the “workhorses” of the Water Control residential offering. They feature heavy duty brass valve bodies, long-lasting metered control heads, NSF® and FDA approved media, and two tank or cabinet (combined tank) models.

Both public and private water systems commonly have hardness which is often comprised of calcium and magnesium (along with iron). Left untreated, these minerals can disrupt laundering and bathing, while causing significant scale buildup in fixtures, appliances, and plumbing systems. BrassMaster water softeners use the process of “ion exchange” to effectively remove these undesirable minerals resulting in clean, conditioned water, great for washing and bathing — and protection for plumbing systems and equipment.

BrassMaster Features

  • Electronic Control Module
  • Meter Demand or Interval Regeneration
  • Exclusive 3 Year APM Warranty
  • 5 Year Tank Warranty

BrassMaster Design

BrassMaster water softeners utilize the “ion exchange” process to remove undesirable hardness minerals. Incoming water passes through a bed of cation resin which exchanges hardness for very tiny amounts of sodium. Periodically, after a specified amount of hardness has been exchanged, a salt solution is used to “regenerate” the resin bed. Captured hardness minerals, along with excess salt solution, are sent to a drain. This leaves behind a recharged bed of resin, ready again for service.

APM Modular Design

All models include our popular APM™ modular design, which eliminates the need for field service. Simply put the unit in bypass, pull two pins, and remove the valve module. Replace it with a new valve with a 3-year (BrassMaster) or 5-year (BrassMaster Plus) warranty or send the existing valve to WCC for repairs. Please complete our downloadable Module Order Form to order a new valve or to send in your valve for repairs.


BrassMaster Water Softeners Brochure

Installation & Operation Manual

Operation & Maintenance Manual (WI)