Humidi-Pure Water Filtration System

Increasingly, today’s building engineers are recognizing the benefits of high-purity water in adiabatic (misting) and isothermal (boiling) humidification systems. Running this equipment with ordinary tap water requires frequent draining, flushing, and skimming. Even softening, which can provide a degree of relief, does not fully alleviate these maintenance headaches. In contrast, using high-purity (Reverse Osmosis (RO) / Deionized (DI)) water virtually eliminates any maintenance whatsoever on commercial humidifiers. This equates to less system downtime, less wasted effort, and extended equipment lifespans.

Water Control offers pre-packaged water supply solutions for commercial humidification equipment, featuring:

  • 5 standard system sizes (fully customizable)
  • All necessary pre-softening and pre-filtration equipment
  • High quality membrane filtration (RO) units
  • Hydropneumatic and/or atmospheric storage tanks
  • 316 stainless steel delivery pumps
  • Optional ultraviolet (UV) and submicron post-filtration
  • All required valves, gauges, test ports, and controls
  • Analog, digital, and SCADA input/output options
  • Single-point electrical supply connections
  • Equipment pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and secured to high quality, powder-coated aluminum skids

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