Ensuring the Safety of Your Home’s Water

Ultrafiltration is a powerful new tool in the fight to protect homeowners from the dangers and nuisances posed by bacteria, viruses, and other parasites in their drinking water. How does it work? It uses a filter technology called the Hollow Fiber Membrane to instantly remove these pathogens, at a rate of 99.99% or greater – and with very minimal loss of water pressure. When this filtration system gets “full” or “plugged,” it flushes itself to a floor drain. In this manner, the filter membranes normally last 1 – 3 years. Beside microbial filtration, Ultrafiltration also does a fantastic job of removing particulates of all kind.

Common residential applications for Ultrafiltration include E. coli,  and iron/sulfur bacteria removal from well water, removal of protozoan pathogens (like Cryptosporidium and “Brain-Eating Amoeba”), as well as general microbial and particulate filtration. Ultrafiltration is particularly useful when installed downstream of a carbon filter (which is used to improve taste/odor, absorb chemicals, and remove pharmaceutical byproducts). Unfortunately, carbon filters have the disadvantage of drastically increasing bacterial counts in a home’s water supply. Ultrafiltration is the perfect solution to this problem!

Water Control is extremely proud to offer a line-up of residential and light-duty commercial Ultrafiltration products. They are highly effective and all feature German-made hollow fiber membranes by Seccua GmbH.

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