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Green Technology

Throughout this website, you will find products marked with the green and blue Water-Aware seal.

This seal is our indication that there are potential LEED® points to be gained by specifying these products. Moreover, it is a sign of Water Control’s commitment to developing and pioneering the very latest, and “greenest,” in water conditioning and filtration technology. Products bearing the Water-Aware seal include:

  • Water and salt-saving residential and commercial softeners
  • Chemical-free residential and commercial iron filters
  • Rainwater Reclamation Systems
  • Non-chemical, non-backwashing Scale Elimination Systems (a greener alternative to commercial water softeners in many applications).

Water Control Corporation is dedicated to the well-being of the plumbing industry. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, designer, contractor, or wholesaler, you can count on our loyalty and our full support every step of the way.

Potential LEED® v4 Program Points:

  • Integrative Process – 1 point
  • Outdoor Water Use Reduction – pre-requisite + 1-2 points
  • Indoor Water Use Reduction – pre-requisite + 2 – 7 points
  • Cooling Tower Water Use – 1-2 points
  • Rainwater Management – 1-3 points
  • Regional Priority – up to 4 points