Water Softening System
Water Softening System

Looking for a turnkey, packaged softening or filtration option? Specify a Water Control Accu-Pipe skid system. Once delivered to the jobsite, the contractors simply connect a water inlet, water outlet, drain, and power supply. It’s as simple as that! Water Control’s experienced design team can take care of water testing, system design, drawing (CAD® or Revit®), specification writing, and budgeting. After the system is shipped or delivered, our Service Technicians will travel to the site for system setup, commissioning, and training.

Accu-Pipe systems feature:

  • Heavy- duty Steel and Aluminum Support Skids (Powder-Coated)
  • Single, Twin, Triplex, and Quad Softening and Filtration Equipment
  • Inlet, Outlet, Bypass, and Drain Manifolds Pre-piped and Pressure-Tested
  • Copper Sweat/ Groove /Press-Fit, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, or Sch 80 PVC Piping
  • Progressive Flow (Tank Staging with Lead/Lag) and Brine Reclamation
  • Single Point Electrical Connection Options

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