ASPE CEU Training Classes:

The following training classes provide CEU or PDH hours for engineers and designers. Please contact Andrew PaulsenASPE CEU Provider to schedule your class at our training facility or through a webinar.

  • High-Purity Water Systems (Commercial) – .1 credit
  • Water Reclamation (Commercial) – .1 credit
  • Water Softening: Systems and Applications (Commercial) – .1 credit
  • Controlling Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens – .1 credit
  • Domestic Water Treatment A-Z – .1 credit
  • Water Treatment for Commercial Humidification – .1 credit

MN CEU Classes:

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, WCC (Water Control Corporation) is offering training courses which provide contractor CEU credits. We hold these courses in our training facility and utilize experienced staff as instructors. Participation in these classes allows MN-licensed contractors to gain State of MN-certified CEU credits which are required for license renewal.

The MN Department of Labor and Industry approves the following CEU training courses:

  • Water Softeners 101 – 2 credits (Technical)
  • Commercial Water Softening: Systems and Applications – 2 credits (Technical)

ASPE CEU Course Descriptions

Commercial High-Purity Water Systems & Applications

  • Measuring water purity
  • Commercial High-Purity applications and standards
  • High-Purity water: production methods
    • Membrane filtration (RO)
    • Deionization (DI)
    • Electrodeionization (EDI)
    • Distillation
  • RO system components (pre-treatment, production, polishing, storage, delivery)
  • Additional components for ultrapure water
  • Pure water piping system design
  • RO system sizing/selection
  • Brief overview of Water Control’s High-Purity water system offering

Commercial Water Reclamation Systems & Applications

  • Things to consider when designing a system
  • Potential sources of water
  • Potential water uses
  • Reasons to reclaim
  • Sanitation Pitfalls (the risks, and how to avoid them!)
  • Codes
  • Designing a system
  • Collection options (pre-filtration, calculating quantity of water available, etc.)
  • Storage (tank types and considerations)
  • Treatment (pros/cons of ozone, UV, and chemical treatment)
  • Delivery (re-pressurization considerations)
  • Advantages packaged systems
  • Water Control packaged options

Commercial Water Softening Systems & Applications

  • Basic water chemistry: Ions
  • How hard water forms and its effects
  • How a water softener works (the basics of ion exchange and regeneration)
  • Key softening system components
  • Multi-tank systems
  • Brine reclamation
  • Flow rates, pressure losses, and low flow issues
  • Sizing a commercial water softener (with several sizing examples)
  • A brief overview of the Water Control Commercial Softener product lineup

Controlling Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens

  • The basics of bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Biofilms and piping systems
  • Key pathogenic organisms of concern in domestic water systems
  • The basics of Legionella Pneumophila and Legionellosis
  • The CMS Memo on water systems in healthcare facilities
  • “Acceptable” levels of Legionella
  • Different methods of controlling Legionella/pathogen levels in plumbing systems (with pros and cons)
  • New technology: High-Capacity Ultrafiltration (HUF):
    • How it works
    • How it can be applied to point-of-use, point-of-entry (whole building), and hot water loops to control bacteria and nutrient levels
    • How the systems are installed, maintenance requirements, etc.
    • Cost comparisons with other technologies (chemicals, copper silver, etc.)
    • Case studies of HUF installations
  • A brief overview of the Water Control HUF product lineup

Domestic Water Treatment A-Z

  • Basic water chemistry (how contaminants get into the water)
  • Common contaminants affecting water aesthetics (taste, odor, and appearance)
  • Common contaminants affecting water safety
  • Ion exchange + applications
  • Oxidation / Filtration + applications
  • Membrane filtration + applications
  • Media filtration + applications
  • Mechanical filtration + applications
  • Chemical Injection + applications
  • UV/ Ozone + applications

Water Treatment for Commercial Humidification

  • Measuring water purity levels
  • Electrode humidification
    • Basic filtration
  • Isothermal humidification
    • Softening (ion exchange) fundamentals
  • Adiabatic humidification
    • Reverse Osmosis fundamentals
    • Deionization fundamentals
  • Water disinfection for humidification
  • Pure water distribution piping for humidification feed
  • The benefits of pre-packaged water treatment systems
  • Sizing pure water systems for Adiabatic humidification feed