40+ Years Experience

Since 1971, Water Control has been helping architects, engineers, plumbing/mechanical contractors, and industry distributors to solve their clients’ difficult water problems. With 40+ years experience, there are very few water issues we can’t effectively address. Water Control has complete commercialresidential offerings.

Located just outside Minneapolis, MN, our team of professionals includes mechanical designers, engineers, CAD™/Revit™ technicians, licensed plumbers, controls experts, customer service specialists, service technicians, and outside sales staff. With a network of quality independent representatives around the USA and Canada, we provide local-level service and solutions.

End users of Water Control equipment include local, state, and federal institutions, universities, health care providers, well-known InfoTech companies, homeowners, resort owners, and manufacturers both large and small.

Employee-Owned Company

Employee ownership is a term for any arrangement in which a company’s employees own shares in the company’s stock. This broad concept can take many forms in practice, ranging from simple grants of shares to highly structured plans.

Employee ownership can serve many different goals. Building employees’ retirement security, boosting company performance, providing a tax-advantaged way to sell a small business, reducing a company’s tax burden, and/or giving employees a voice in management are just some of the potential reasons that companies and business owners pursue employee ownership.

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Commercial Water Treatment Systems



Commercial Custom-Built Treatment Systems

Beyond traditional Water Softening, we provide a huge array of water treatment options:

Residential Water Treatment Systems



Residential Complete Home Water Solutions

Our residential water treatment solutions go far beyond simple water softeners. We can help craft a solution to virtually any water quality issue in residential applications.

Featured Updates

Water Control is pleased to officially launch 2 new premium, BrassMaster residential water treatment products: NitraMAX Nitrate Removal Water Filtration System

  1. Our Element33 Arsenic filter (which also removes iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide)
  2. Our NitraMax combination softener and nitrate filter.

Arsenic in water is becoming a huge issue nationwide, including in the Upper Midwest. It is poison. If levels are over 10ppb, they must remove it. Being under 10ppb does not guarantee health and safety. Nitrates are also on the radar screen in rural areas, more and more… 

Please check out this Quick Tip Video for more details: Arsenic and Nitrates in Water


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