BrassMaster Boiler Fill Softener

BrassMaster Boiler Fill Softeners

BrassMaster Boiler Fill Softeners provide a portable, economical means for plumbers and HVAC technicians to supply a softened, scale-free initial fill of water to residential and commercial hydronic systems. Simply connect hoses to the inlet and outlet ports. Mix the now softened water with glycol (as needed), and pump into the HVAC system.

Hardness, often comprised of calcium and magnesium (along with iron), is commonly found in both public and private water systems. Left untreated, these minerals can cause scaling, decrease efficiencies, and create significant maintenance burdens in HVAC systems. These portable, lightweight boiler fill  systems use the process of “ion exchange” to effectively remove these undesirable minerals. The result is a cleaner system fill with less headaches for operators.

Effective treatment of

  • Hardness Minerals
  • Iron & Manganese

Boiler Fill Softener Features

  • 3/4″ garden hose connections with inlet/outlet strainer basket
  • High quality, easily replaceable, synthetic cation resin
  • Hardness level test strips, 2 GPM outlet flow restrictor, and easy-to-use chart for calculating capacity remaining
  • 1-year limited tank and fitting warranty


BrassMaster Boiler Fill Brochure

Boiler Fill Installation-Operation Manual

Water Quality Association