BrassMaster Plus MEGAbite Iron Filters

MEGAbite Iron Filter

Effective treatment of:

  • Ferrous and Ferric Iron
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (sulfur/rotten egg smell)
  • Manganese


  • No pumps, harsh chemicals, or replaceable filters like those found in traditional systems
  • Long-lasting media naturally cleaned with water and air every few days
  • Cost of operation less than $10 per year!
  • Insulated tank design eliminates condensation and inexpensive servicing
  • Exclusive 5 year APM warranty for quick and inexpensive servicing

BrassMaster Plus MEGAbite Iron Filters Design

The MEGAbite water filtration system features a single filtration tank. Water is first exposed to an internal pocket of air, oxidizing dissolved iron, manganese, and sulfur out of solution. Using a special filtration media, it is then scrubbed of these offensive particles, producing clean, colorless, odorless water.

APM Modular Design

All models include our popular APM™ modular design, which eliminates the need for field service. Simply put the unit in bypass, pull two pins, and remove the valve module. Replace it with a new valve with a 3-year (BrassMaster) or 5-year (BrassMaster Plus) warranty. Please complete our downloadable Module Order Form to order a new valve.


MEGAbite Iron Filters Brochure

Installation & Operation Manual

NGWA – National Ground Water Association

WQA – Water Quality Association