BrassMaster Plus MEGAbite

BrassMaster Plus MEGAbite Iron Filters

Iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide gas are problem elements often found in private well systems. BrassMaster Plus MEGAbite Iron Filters use oxygen injection to remove damaging minerals and unpleasant odors in a natural, effective, environmentally friendly manner.

Effective treatment of:

  • Ferrous and Ferric Iron
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (sulfur/rotten egg smell)
  • Manganese


  • No pumps, harsh chemicals, or replaceable filters like those found in traditional systems
  • Long-lasting media naturally cleaned with water and air every few days
  • Cost of operation less than $10 per year!
  • Insulated tank design eliminates condensation and inexpensive servicing
  • Exclusive 5 year APM warranty for quick and inexpensive servicing

BrassMaster Plus MEGAbite Iron Filters Design

The MEGAbite water filtration system features a single filtration tank. Water is first exposed to an internal pocket of air, oxidizing dissolved iron, manganese, and sulfur out of solution. Using a special filtration media, it is then scrubbed of these offensive particles, producing clean, colorless, odorless water.

APM Modular Design

All models include our popular APM™ modular design, which eliminates the need for field service. Simply put the unit in bypass, pull two pins, and remove the valve module. Replace it with a new valve with a 3-year (BrassMaster) or 5-year (BrassMaster Plus) warranty or send the existing valve to WCC for repairs. Please complete our downloadable Module Order Form to order a new valve or to send in your valve for repairs.


MEGAbite Iron Filters Brochure

Installation & Operation Manual