HF Series Water Softener

HF Series Water Softeners


WCC (Water Control Corporation) HF Series water softeners feature 3” service connections, large heavy duty electronic control valves, high-strength fiberglass-reinforced mineral tanks, and long-lasting synthetic cation resin. This series is perfectly designed for apartments, hotels, commercial laundry, schools, hospitals, restaurants, industrial facilities, cooling towers, and other high flow/high capacity applications. Available options include single, twin, triplex, and quad systems. Steel resin tanks, progressive service, brine reclamation, and Accu-Pipe skid systems are also available.

HF Series Size Options:

  • Single tank: SIMPLEX (MR)
  • Two Tank: TWIN
  • Two Tank (Alternating): TWIN – ALT
  • Three Tank: TRIPLEX
  • Four Tank: QUAD

Additional HF Series Water Softener Options:

  • Progressive Service: Adds and removes tanks from service, based on flow demand
  • Brine Reclamation: Re-uses brine solution for significant salt savings (approx 30%)
  • Steel Tank(s) (optional ASME Rating)
  • Accu-Pipe Skid-Mounted System (pre-plumbed, pre-wired system, mounted on heavy-duty skid)
  • Accu-Pipe LS: Same as Accu-Pipe System, less skid base (piping/wiring only)
  • Brine Silo (large volume salt storage / brine generation & delivery system)
  • Salt Sock and Access Door (lockable) for blow-in salt delivery

Specialty Filter Options for HF Series:

  • Carbon
  • Tannin
  • Acid Neutralizer (Calcite)
  • Dealkalizer
  • Additional media options available, call for details

Advanced Controller:

  • Real-time diagnostics
    • Flow rates, totalizer, capacity, avg. usage, alarm history, and more
  • Remote input for forced regeneration and regeneration lockout
  • 2 programmable relays for auxiliary equipment, BAS indication, remote alarms, etc.


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