Iron Removal System

Iron Removal Systems

WCC’s (Water Control Corporation) commercial, air-injected iron removal systems employ the latest technology to oxidize and filter iron out of solution in a simple, chemical-free manner. The latest in environmentally-friendly technology safely and effectively removes up to 15 ppm of iron from domestic and process water supplies. These systems feature heavy-duty brass valves with digital programming and status display, long-lasting Zeolite media, and a patented air injection system, which allows them to regenerate using only fresh water and air. They effectively remove hydrogen sulfide, or “rotten egg smell,” when in combination with dissolved iron.


  • Odorless, non-staining water for your commercial facility
  • No additional pumps or tanks means less space required!
  • No harsh/staining chemicals to store or handle

How Iron Removal Systems Work:

Step 1: As water enters the system, it passes through a trapped air pocket and then filters down through the media bed.

Step 2: Oxygen in the air pocket and the media bed causes dissolved iron to oxidize (rust) out of solution. These iron oxide particles remain trapped in the media bed. Iron-free water flows out of the system.

Step 3: Periodically, the system back washes the tank (one-at-a-time) with fresh water to remove any trapped iron oxide particles. These particles are washed down the drain.

Step 4: Finally, each tank is purged of water and filled with air. This allows the media bed to recharge itself with oxygen. Once complete, the tank refills with water and goes back into service.

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