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WCC (Water Control Corporation) offers several High-Capacity Ultrafiltration Point-of-Use (HUF®) systems to remove 99.999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses. Cooling towers, shower heads, humidifiers, fountains, misting systems… These are all examples of equipment that can atomize Legionella and other pathogens with water droplets – and cause deadly infection when these aerosols are inhaled.

We use hollow fiber membranes, manufactured by Seccua GmbH in Germany. The membranes last 1 – 3 years, depending on application, and automatically flush themselves when they become fouled.

Pressure loss is minimal due to high filter surface areas. WCC offers 12 and 24 GPM HUF® / High-Capacity Ultrafiltration Point-of-Use units with options for:

  • BAS integration
  • automatic membrane integrity testing
  • pressure relief mechanisms
  • and more

We also have larger systems, capable of up to 700 GPM, in our High-Capacity Ultrafiltration Point-of-Entry offering.

HUF® Point-of-Use Features

  • Provide safe water to cooling towers, humidifiers, misters, water features, and banks of fixtures
  • 99.999% bacterial, protozoan, and sediment reduction (99.99% viral reduction)
  • Flow-through filter design (no constant waste stream) with low pressure loss
  • Dissolved substances remain in water (disinfectants, minerals, etc.)
  • Flushable membrane for long service life (GT = automatic flush, Basic = manual flush)
  • Intuitive control system with 72 PSI pressure relief mechanism (GT only)
  • Working temperature range: 40°-104°F
  • Working pressure range: 30 – 73 PSI
  • 120VAC power supply (GT only)


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