in-line High-Capacity Ultrafiltration for hot water recirc loops
Hot Water Recirc Loop

Harness the power of your hot water recirc systems to filter out Legionella and pathogens!

Hot water systems in large facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes, represent the greatest risk for growth and transmission of waterborne pathogens – Legionella pneumophilia in particular.

For reasons of energy code, every such facility has a domestic hot water recirculation system. In most cases, in order to reduce water stagnancy, recirculation pumps operate 24/7, constantly sending water out to the facility and bringing it back to pick up additional heat (as needed).

Water Control is pleased to offer another new tool in the fight to control Legionella, and maintain levels below “accepted” thresholds. The tool is in-line High-Capacity Ultrafiltration for hot water recirc loops.

The concept is simple: an 8GPM, low-pressure-loss, high-temp (158°F), self-cleaning High-Capacity Ultrafilter is installed to continuously filter recirculating water and remove 99.999% of all bacterial cells – as well as the nutrients that feed them. These Ultrafilters feature temperature-tolerant, hollow fiber membrane modules, manufactured by German innovators Seccua GmbH. The membranes have a 1 year life before replacement. The control modules feature automatic flush controls, GPM and PSI monitoring (with displays), and a 72PSI automatic pressure relief mechanism for system protection.

The results can be dramatic. Bacterial numbers are drastically reduced. Nutrients are removed. Often times, chemical treatment can be avoided. Note that this filtration must be instituted in conjunction with regular flushing and avoidance/removal of piping “dead legs.”

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