ContaminantIn Water AsMaximum Contaminant Level
Manganese (Mn)Mn²⁺, MnHCO₃0.05 mg/L (or ppm) for staining (secondary drinking water standard)
0.3 mg/L (or ppm) suggested for health effects

Sources of ContaminantNatural deposits
Potential Health EffectsChildren, elderly, and those with liver impairment  are at greater risk
Reduced intelligence, behavioral issues, neurological issues (speech, memory, coordination, and movement)
Aesthetic EffectsBlack staining, metallic taste
Treatment Methods
Reverse Osmosis
Cation Exchange Water Softeners
Oxidation/ filtration

This information is sourced from the Water Quality Association (WQA) of which WCC is a proud member, and the American Groundwater Trust (AGWT). Complete reports are available via the links below. This material is shared with the objective of offering comprehensive, professional insights into relevant water quality standards and guidelines.

American Ground Water Trust – Solutions to Manganese Problems

Manganese Fact Sheet – Downloadable PDF