As world-wide water resources become strained and the Green construction movement grows, the interest in wastewater recycling has grown exponentially. Reusing rainwater, condensate, or graywater on-site can have significant financial and environmental benefits. But it is not without significant health and financial risk. The key is to work with a partner who understands these risks and can provide complete technological solutions. With nearly two decades of experience in water reclamation systems, Water Control is that partner. We offer:

  • Packaged, safe, turnkey systems for the recovery, storage, treatment, and delivery of reclaimed water to non-potable systems (including rainwater reuse)
  • Systems for capture and recovery of rainwater, condensate, graywater, backwash water, concentrate, groundwater, and process water
  • Viable water supplies for irrigation, heating/cooling systems, toilets, water features, and processes
  • Monitored disinfection/filtration systems using UV, ozone, and chemical injection technologies
  • Qualified professionals to simplify system design, purchasing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance
  • Knowledge and experience from hundreds of installations

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Exploring the High-Tech Stormwater Reuse System at Westminster Presbyterian Church

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